Counseling For Lawyers



The confrontation. The combativeness. The perfectionism. The drive to please. There is so much that you expect of yourself and that is expected of you. Being a lawyer isn’t a job that comes without its challenges. If you’re at your best in the courtroom, it’s because you’re sacrificing elsewhere and the message you’re receiving is that “it’s never enough”. It feels like a lose-lose situation at times, trying to balance being a lawyer and being a person. 

What happened to the life that you thought you’d have? When did you disappear from your own life? 

It seems at times that with all of the mounting pressures, there’s no way to find balance. So you have another drink, you work another late night, and you hope that it will all be worth it. In the meantime, your relationships are suffering; your kids are growing up fast; your health is fading.

And as smart as you are, you don’t know what to do about it. Law school didn’t prepare you for finding balance in the chaos. It likely didn’t teach you anything about managing your own health, and certainly not your mental health. That’s where I come in.

I am here to help you master your own domain. I am here to help you sort through the chaos and to teach you the tools to live your life in the best way possible. That means that I will help you discover what is truly important to you, where you want your life to be, how to get there in a meaningful way, and what has been holding you back; to do your relationships meaningfully and to guide you to a developed mental health. 

Are you ready to enjoy your life and get out from behind the struggle? Touch base with me today.

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