Take A Deep Breath

Right now I know there is so much to think about that you can't actually get any thinking done.

On top of being scared for your own health and sick from the treatments, you have a family that you worry about. It keeps you awake at night like a dripping faucet. Drip. Drip. Drip.

The fear and the worry pokes at your mind. It's not loud enough to disturb the people around you but loud enough to affect your day-to-day experience.

The fact of the matter is that you are trying to pretend that everything is normal when the world is decidedly not 'normal' for you anymore. The world is upside down and has changed and compounded all the worry that you have normally felt. Now, instead of the chores, you worry about what the future holds for your family.

Can your relationship withstand the pressures of a Cancer diagnosis? Are your kids going to be okay? The whole family is thinking about your diagnosis all the time -- do they forget about you as a person? Do your friends not know how to be helpful?

It all seems so uncertain. When did life get to be so decidedly uncertain?

You don't have to struggle with all of these questions alone anymore. I will be your calm amongst the storm so that you can process all of this information in a healthy way. I have been on this journey before and can help you through the woods. There are many things that you'll be considering during your journey:

  • How do I talk to my children about this?
  • How will this affect my marriage?
  • What do all these terms mean?
  • How do I come back from all this heaviness?
  • Will I ever feel truly 'alive' again?
  • How would I deal with getting the ultimate bad news?

You aren't juggling this all alone. I can help you understand what to expect and will help you balance the "new normal" with the life you want to be living.