Couples Counseling Is Your Ticket To A Better Relationship


The number one thing I hear from couples looking for marriage counseling is that they need help with communication. Couples like you want better tools and strategies to handle the way things get shared inside of your relationship.

Maybe you're frustrated because you've been wondering why your husband seems so distant and distracted lately? Maybe you're feeling like your wife has been giving you a harder time over the past few weeks? The problem isn't that you feel that way, it's that you don't know what to do with that information. It often feels like we've tried so many different ways to be better communicators but nothing seems to work. 

What I know, as a marriage counselor, is that there's plenty I can teach you. What I also know is that there's more going on below the surface that's leading you and your partner around in communication circles; sometimes this emotionally draining dance never seems to end. In fact, there are certain behaviors that couples demonstrate that would allow us to predict with 90+% accuracy who would end up divorced.

The great news is that those behaviors can be changed in time.  My passion is to be your neutral third party to help you both understand one another better and to use that information to improve your communication and to improve your marriage overall -- couples counseling in a nutshell. 

As a husband, a father and a therapist, I want you to be able to have the love that you've always dreamed of. I really believe that's possible for most couples. It will take some effort and some time but in my experience it pays dividends in the long run.

I really do want to become your partner in falling in love again and taking something that's already been good and making it great. I want you to enjoy your time together and to look back on the rough parts of your relationship as a strange period of time that made you stronger and better for one another. If you haven't given up on your relationship yet and really want the chance to have your marriage look, feel, and be the way you want it to, give yourselves a chance.

You deserve the marriage you've been waiting for. 

You may be a great fit to work with me if you've experienced any of the following:

  • A desire to stay away from home and your partner to avoid arguing any more
  • A desire to have an affair or if you've had an affair
  • Feelings of deep frustration with how your partner treats you
  • Feelings of hopelessness of your marriage ever improving
  • Confusion about why you or your partner does things the way that they do
  • Feeling like work comes before your relationship
  • Feeling unheard by your partner
  • Worried that there are secrets in your relationship

Additionally, I've listed below some of the similar services I offer to couples and families. If you're ready to get started, scroll down to the bottom to fill out a contact form for a free initial consultation with me. I would love to be your equally hard working support through this tense time in your lives.

  • Pre-Engagement Counseling: Fix things before they're ever broken and start the next phase of your relationship off strong. Learn more deeply about your soon-to-be partner.
  • Pre-Marriage Counseling: You've worked through your dating and engagement to develop a strong connection and good habits. Identify what patterns in your lives are likely to become obstacles to your future success as a couple.
  • Divorce Recovery Counseling: What about divorce? Many clients enjoy working with me because I don't have an agenda to follow about marriage and divorce. Maybe you and your spouse have decided that divorce may be the right option for you. There is much healing to be done when coping with the loss of not only a partner, but of dreams and plans that had been made, the perceived loss of a shared history and a new sense of instability. Heal and discover yourself so that you can go on to being the best version of yourself for future partners.
  • Affair Recovery Counseling: There was an indiscretion in your marriage and a break in the trust that defines a solid relationship. You and your partner have decided that the overall good of your relationship is more important than the affair and you want to work together to heal the broken bond. Affair recovery will help you deal with both the significance of the affair itself and the underlying causes that led to the affair itself. 
  • Family Therapy: Your family is changing and evolving in ways that you no longer feel capable of handling on your own. The pieces of the puzzle don't fit together in a way that they once did and now you need help sorting through the events. Many families never resolve their internal issues leading to a life of hidden hurt and potential dysfunction. Heal the wounds and become "stronger at the broken places". 

If you're looking for a personable, warm and engaging marriage counselor in the Stapleton, Denver  area, please reach out to me. I would love to be your third-party teammate to help you navigate the tricky steps ahead.