Thank You So Much!


For all of you who came out to my Ear Acupuncture event, I want to say a sincere "Thank You". It was exciting to be some of y'alls first experience with Acupuncture and equally exciting to talk about Mindfulness and Meditation with others. Like I said in my first email, it really shows how wonderful this community is and I'm so thankful to be a part of it. 

Also, a special "Thank You" to MK Christian, Acupuncturist Extraordinaire, for the supervision, guidance and friendly presence. If you're interested in her talents, she can be found at Whole Body Harmony (303-831-7072).

There were a few things that I mentioned repeatedly to many of you and I wanted to give you links to those things before they slipped your mind:

Meditation Apps

As we talked about there are a few apps that I suggest to my clients on a regular basis. 

  • Headspace:  
    • Links       iOS   |  Android
    • This is the one that I tell everyone to start with. A free 10-minute, 10-day course that is really great at getting you started editM
  • Meditation Studio:
    • Links    iOS   |   Andriod
    • This is actually no longer free but companies like Starbucks will occasionally offer it as their free app. It's still easily worth the $4. There are over 250 (and growing) meditations with different series and instructors. It's my personal favorite


"Mind Sharks" and Keeping Track of Life

  • A lot of us talked about having trouble sleeping or having trouble feeling like we could turn off all the noise in our heads with our busy schedules. As a note, I mentioned my personal system for keeping it all clear and it's called "Bullet Journaling".
    • Link:
    • This is the originator's site and the way he works the system. However, there are plenty of "modules" available online and different online communities dedicated to doing things in a unique way. 
    • Also, someone asked if you had to buy the actual journal he sells: No. I do mine in a dot-grid journal like a Moleskin.


Hopefully you all were able to have relaxation in your day and potentially even better sleep in the evening because of the acupuncture. If you took any cool pictures that I could post or had any good experiences that you'd like to share about your day post-AcuWellness, I'd love to hear about it.

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Alexander Michaud