Rearrange Your Apps, Rearrange Your Life

So this is the New Year...

I've never been a huge fan of "New Years Resolutions". It ends up with people setting lofty end goals without focusing on Committed Actions and the intermediary steps to get there. They cause people to get overly attached to their expectations of themselves and end up leading to disappointment, fueling a self-doubt and shame spiral.

(Ooph. Outside of "it depends", that might be the most therapist-y statement I've ever made)

It's not that I don't like goals -- I'm the king of creating new tasks to accomplish -- it's just that I think there are other ways to come to the version of yourself that you'd like to be. 

I'm going to offer up a new suggestion; a way to promote new behaviors subliminally after the initial set up. Ready? Here goes.

I want you to take out your cellphone, unlock it and look at your home screen. What's on it? The phone icon, the messages icon, the email icon, the web browser icon -- but what else. What apps are on your homepage?

You probably look at this homepage 100+ times per day and yet we're not using this as a valuable resource to motivate us to our goals!

Here's my challenge: Rearrange Your Apps and Rearrange Your Life. I want you to think about what goals you have for this year: maybe it's to engage in your mindfulness practice, to take better care of your health, to spend more time with family... as Steve Jobs once famously said "There's an app for that". 

I want you to take the apps related to those things and move them to your homepage. Move everything else that's not necessary off that page. 

For example, my homepage currently has:

  • My neccesary apps for work
  • Spotify -- more music this year
  • OverDrive -- more recreational books this year
  • OrangeTheory and MyFitnessPal -- better health this year
  • WhatsApp -- better connection with my friends this year
  • 7 Different Mindfulness Apps that I'm reviewing for another article -- even more focus on Mindfulness and meditation

Take a minute and think about what you'd like to engage with more this year that is in line with your values; find an app for it and move it to your home page.

Do you reaaaaally need to be checking Facebook that often? Most of my clients tell me how much of a time-waster it is: Move it off the home screen.

Do you reaaaaally need to be scrolling through Ebay or Amazon for that thing you one time thought about potentially needing in case you were elected President? Move it off the home screen.

Your time is worth so much more than wasting! You are worth so much more than a life of avoidance!

Rearrange your apps, rearrange your life, engage fully this year.

Forget about New Years Resolutions; let's make New Years Commitments. 

Think about it...


Until Next Time,