Take A Deep Breath

Even when you’re asleep — if you make it that far — your mind is working overtime. There are days when you feel like you’re on the edge of tears and days when you feel like nothing is right.

By this point, you’ve become acutely aware of your heartbeat and every time it rises, you brace yourself fearing a panic attack. The edginess you’ve developed from being so “on” all the time is starting to rub off on the people in your life and, instead of the support that you really need, you’re getting pushback. 

Sometimes you would describe the sensation as drowning; other days you’d say you feel like you’re going to burst. Worse, you’re starting to feel like this is the new ‘normal’ and that it’ll never go away.

That you’ll never have easy days without worry; that you’ll never again feel simple happiness. At this point, you’re wondering if you’re broken — “What’s wrong with me?", you’ll ask.

What’s wrong is that you’re struggling with anxiety — maybe it's depression — and you’re struggling with it alone.  Some days, it can feel like you’re wandering in the forest, in circles, trying to find your way out.

Unfortunately, you’ve seen these trees before. You’ve probably already tried many different things but haven’t found something that works long term; let me solve that problem for you.

Counseling offers you a place to work through your hardest moments with guided support. I've done the research, gathered the tools and put them together in a way that is easy enough to explain and put into action. My clients have overcome crippling social anxiety, age-old depression, and the type of anxiety that was previously preventing them from loving their lives.

There are answers. There are solutions. There is a way out from under this. Call me and let me show you how to deal with this for good.