Expert Care From The Comfort Of Where You Are

There are so many reasons why it can be a challenge to get in to a therapist's office during business hours. As a professional, I know that it's hard for me to get away from the office in the middle of the day, too. A 50-minute counseling session can end up taking 90 minutes or more when you factor in travel time.

Maybe you are:

  • A stay-at-home parent: You can't leave your child at home alone during nap-time and you don't want to disturb their schedule when they're awake. You'd like to get some care for yourself but it doesn't seem to fit into your life.
  • A professional with long days at work: You value your breaks and getting away from the office is much more challenging than sensical some days.
  • Living in a remote area: Some folks are so far from a therapist that getting to their office is a huge obstacle to getting quality care. It seems that there's no one nearby to help you out
  • An individual who travels for business a lot: It seems too challenging to have a consistent relationship with a therapist because you're in and out of town so much.
  • Someone that's living with a physical disability preventing them from easily accessing the care you're seeking.

These are a few of the real stories of real people that have used my Online Counseling services. That's why I continue to offer people who live in Colorado the opportunity to meet online. With the transition to smart phones and computers in everyone's home, almost everyone has the technology available to them to meet with me digitally. 



One of the things many people love about coming to the office to see me is that they know no-one else is listening to what they say; you have total privacy with me. I've made sure that's true, too, by using to host our video sessions. They ensure that all of your information is HIPAA-compliant and secure. Nothing is stored and everything stays between you and I. I have a private Virtual Waiting Room and no one else will know you're there waiting for me. 


In-person flexibility.

Even if you meet with me online, there may come a day where you have the time or desire to meet with me in person. Guess what? You totally can. I'll be more than happy to fit you into my in-office schedule. I currently have physical office space in both Stapleton (Denver area) and Loveland (North Front Range) and will see you at either. Rates and fees don't change from what you normally pay. 


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